Laminated packaging

The production of technologically broken packaging is a combination of two materials with adhesive and pressure, one of which is the base and the other is the layer. Those that allow the box to increase its rigidity and durability. We carry out automatic rolling of cardboard using special equipment. The rolling line is a guarantee of high quality products. Cosmetics, kitchen utensils, household appliances, pharmaceuticals packaged in one such box will not suffer in the end and can withstand any kind of transport. Any advertising material can be placed on the laminate and thereby distinguish the DVS product from others. Rolling material – represents a corrugated cardboard as a basis, and also design paper as a layer. We offer our customers the following lamination services: lamination, cutting and gluing. Laminated boards are widely used to create gift wrapping. Another way to use cardboard is a thin case, which is used to make exclusive boxes, labels for clothes, POS materials, presentation cards, etc. When ordering, our experts will help you choose the necessary materials, as well as the type of lamination, depending on the product, to be packaged.


from 500pcs


ofset 4+0


corrugated cardboard 2, 3, 6 mm