Corrugated packaging

production of boxes chisinau moldova Corrugated cardboard is a practical material for the manufacture of transport packaging, as well as various cardboard boxes in Moldova for packaging products. Boxes made to order from corrugated cardboard can be of different designs with individual sizes for your product and your DVS requirements. Also, the boxes can be individualized by printing on them a design made with professionalism by our designers. Our machine allows the production of corrugated cardboard of small and large sizes with flexographic printing in 2 colors.
The main advantages of corrugated cardboard are:

– ability to withstand exposure to and penetration of moisture;
– resistance to compression and tearing;
– simplification of transportation and storage

Types of corrugated cardboard:

3 layer corrugated board

Photo Corrugation (thickness) Mark
cutii ondula E corrugation E (1.8mm) T11,T12, T13, T-14
corrugation B (3mm) T20,T21,T-22,T23,T-24, T-25
cutii ondula C corrugation C (4mm) T20,T21,T-22,T23,T-24,T-25

5 layer corrugated board

Photo Corrugation (thickness) Mark
corrugation BE (4.8mm) P31,P32,P33,P34
corrugation BC (7mm) P31,P32,P33,P34

7 layer corrugated board

Photo Corrugation (thickness) Mark
corrugation CCC (12 mm)
The production of corrugated cardboard packages is of 2 colors:
Photo Color
Corrugated cardboard packaging can be made at the request of the customer using flexographic printing, see the examples below:
The use of a 3-layer corrugated board with the marking T-20 – T-24
– the manufacture of boxes and cardboard elements for packaging products requiring a small static load and medium.
The use of a 5-layer corrugated cardboard with the marking P-31 – P-32
– manufacture of boxes for transporting products requiring storage stability, pallets, heavy loads, transportation in refrigerators or over long distances, and large boxes.