Packages and bags

paper bags kraft chisinau moldova Kraft paper bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. They are used successfully in simagazine restaurants and for the storage, collection and packaging of food and chemicals. Paper bags are ideal for ::

– pasta, flour, cereals;
– baked and finished products;
– food ingredients and additives, tea, coffee, seeds;
– herbs, vegetables and fruits;
– sweets, dried fruits, nuts, etc.

The paper bags also serve as a marketing tool by printing the logo and other images for shops, gifts, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics.

A package from Kraft unlike any other package includes
– does not deform with sharp corners and edges of objects;
– can be used for almost any product;
– is subject to 100% biodegradation and does not emit harmful substances during combustion. – high air permeability (the products do not lose their original properties);
– the lawn (Kraft packages are environmentally friendly and become an elegant element in the world of packaging).


large – 2000pcs.


can be individual


up to 4 colors