7 layers

7-layer corrugated cardboard is the most durable corrugated cardboard cit can withstand weights from a few 100 kilograms to a few Tons!
Made of several layers of corrugates it absorbs perfectly the products from blows.

You can’t get rid of the fact that corrugated cardboard, compared to wood or plywood, used in such situations, has a mass several times smaller. As a result, the overall load of the wagons is reduced, which allows easier loading and lower transport costs.

We can manufacture according to individual sizes large boxes (so-called containers) of corrugated cardboard of 7 layers.

The advantages of 7-layer containers:

– according to European packaging requirements
– low weight and lower costs, unlike metal or wood containers.
– storage of goods with heavy weights up to 1 TON and more.


minim 1000pcs


it is possible like BOXES like this and the PLATE

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