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We offer packaging design services in Moldova, box modeling and label design. Today, packaging design is one of the most effective tools to increase brand competitiveness. Effective design increases its memorability, which reduces advertising costs and puts you in the focus of competitors. How we work and what we offer, see below:


We have been working in the packaging industry for over 10 years. We analyze, generate ideas, offer working options.

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Clarity and simplicity

The next time you go to the supermarket, select a random shelf and see what’s on it. Look at each product and ask yourself two simple questions: What is this product? What brand is it produced under? Here is an example of simple and concise packaging, but with a stimulating design. You will be surprised that it is difficult to answer such an important question within 4 seconds, but as much as the average buyer pays attention to the product. There are many products that are loaded with a dozen benefits, but without a clear bran name. You can also find a design that is more suitable as juice for children, rather than one You will find products listing dozens of benefits without a clear brand name. You will find products that look great on the outside, but cannot explain what is in the box. You can even find chemical cleaners in the most suitable packaging for baby juices. This is a stupid example! Such a design may mislead the buyer and not give clarity. Although some categories allow puzzles such as perfumes. However, if identification in terms of content, use or brand identification is difficult, this is a serious mistake for the packaging designer. Law No. 1: the purpose of the product and brand should be obvious at a glance.


Originality, character and memorability are the main pillars of great brands and quality design. Today, there are hundreds of products that fight for the attention of the buyer. The only way to highlight this is its authenticity. This Colin Porter Bell packaging design is an example of a superior and authentic design. If you don’t have the opportunity to create a creative design (for technical reasons, etc.), use strong visual accents. For example, if everyone has a photograph on the box, use illustrations, if the box has a horizontal, we use a vertical arrangement, if everything is in a modern style, a rhetorical style is used. Be brave, and others can be unexpected sources of inspiration, such as a guilt label that we can use in special packaging.

Shelf effect

From the point of view of the buyer, the goods are never seen alone and never in the details. Since the products are arranged in rows and columns, all we see is a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, and this is until the moment when the eye clings to the part and the desire to come closer is born. Visibility and attractive design are directly related to its sales. That’s what the buyer sees on the shelves. Which product caught your attention? The effect of the shelf is what you need to experience and experience. The more productive the product, the higher the sales. You will be amazed! Once upon a time, an attractive design is simply lost among others, and a simple “catches your eye”.

Design extensibility

Design engineering should include the ability to add different types for an entire linear product. Proper design is a look into the future for continuous product development.


Beginners in packaging design strive to present the product in the most perfect way. For example, they will look rich and fresh cherries on fruit low yogurt yogurt. The product image, which is several times better than it actually is, disappoints the consumer, which leads to a shock in sales and a very weak brand image. Here is an example of a product that may taste good, but the packaging is clearly deceptive. The buyer has nothing against a simple product while he buys! Of course, he expects the design to pick up the product weakly, but not so much different.


Practicality refers to functionality, shape, size and packaging. The more practical the product, the greater the growth in sales. For example, when Heinz put a bottle of ketchup on the lid, its sales skyrocketed. Because ketchup turned upside down, Heinz increased sales even during the industry crisis.

Packaging is the last call that the buyer sees, and the last chance to convince them to buy the goods. Clarity, honesty, authenticity, and the other rules listed above play an important role in this process. Packaging design is a large and important industry, which always requires professionals who can add originality to the product and improve sales!