Cardboard box sizes

If you want to make an individual box it is necessary:

Box sizes (mm)

Length * Width * Height

Ex : 300 * 200 * 100.

The dimensions are given internally because the thickness of the cardboard can be different!

Box construction

Choose the model of boxes you need there is a wide range of construction types (gallery of some models see HERE ) or an image from the Internet or a photo

The box material

Then, it is necessary to understand the quality of the material chosen. This is influenced by factors such as:

– properties of the packaged product (glass, food ..)
– the expected effect (as a sales instrument, for storage, as a security product..).
– transport distance,
– storage conditions
– the mode of sale (on the shelf, through the mail…)

Product sizes

– in case it is a product then give us its dimensions;
– In case there are several products of the same kind in the box (eg wine bottles), send us its size and the necessary packaging conditions (eg, several pieces in the box, to be palletized to the maximum, the safety of the product, etc.). / br> – if it is an uneven product, transmit the dimensions of MAXIMAL (Maximum length, Maximum width and Maximum height)

In case you have any questions call us don’t hesitate!
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