Boxes for cakes Chisinau, Moldova

Boxes for cakes need a special design that takes into account all the needs of cake manufacturers, so we created separate types of boxes that have the following properties: – the box is easy to assemble; – convenient storage; – corrugated cardboard protects the cold cake during transportation; – handles for safe transportation

Box Dimensions (mm) – 380 * 380 * H = 170

Box Dimensions (mm) – 380 * 380 * H = 270


Box Dimensions (mm) – 290 * 290 * H = 300; – 350 * 350 * Н = 280; – 410 * 410 * H = 500

Boxes for cakes in Chisinau, Moldova, with the design as in the examples below, take into account everything necessary for packing the cake and add the following properties to the above:
BOTTOM – has a safe design of 2 components with a thickness of 6 mm, which does not allow the box to bend in the hands, and an edge of 50 mm ensures the stability of the cake in the box.
LID – a simple form offers the ONLY packing option for HIGH and LOW cakes with a simple cut (see Example in the photo).
We can also offer branding of boxes using flexographic printing or personalized stickers (logo and sticker design is FREE)
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