Offset printing packing in Moldova

Packaging production by laminating is a combination of two materials with adhesive and pressure between the foundation and the other one is lainerul. Allows the box to increase its rigidity and length of life.
We execute automatic cardboard laminating using special equipment. Rolling Line - is a guarantee of product quality. Cosmetics, kitchenware, appliances, pharmaceuticals, packaged in a box in such kind of go unharmed and are able to withstand any transport. Lamination can be placed on any promotional material and so your product stands out among others.
Laminating material - is also corrugated paper as the basis of design as lainer. We offer our clients the following services rolling: rolling itself, cutting and pasting.
Lamination board is widely used to create gift wrapping. Another way is to use cardboard Slim casurare which is used to make boxes exclusive clothing labels, POS materials, presentation folders, etc.. When ordering, our experts will help you choose the materials needed and the type of lamination, depending on the product to be packaged.



Advantages and disadvantages of rolling
The biggest advantage to packaging laminates are stiff. Hardness is due corrugated cardboard, which is used as the base. It is this layer gives strength finished product. Use lainerului allows you to use dense materials for high quality printing. Laminate packaging is expensive because the price or cost includes the cost of materials and rolling, this can be attributed to the disadvantage of the packaging laminate. Another disadvantage is the rolling and cutting line corrugated therefore not always such a box can be "used" gift boxes.