Packaging in Moldova

Corrugated cardboard is a practical material for the manufacture of container transportation.

Corrugated boxes are of different construction for merchandise displays in shops and transport boxes and then exposed shelves.

Our equipment enables the manufacture of corrugated flexo printing all sizes and in 3 colors to learn more click . To achieve customer's box construction and design of each product.

The main advantages of corrugated boxes are:

- Ability to withstand impact and moisture penetration;
- Compressive strength and resistance to crushing;
- Simplify transportation and storage.


3 ply corrugated



Сorrugation , thickness

Brand cardboard


corrugation Е, thickness 1, 8 мм

Т-11, Т-12
currugation В, thickness 3 мм
Т-20, Т-22, Т-23, Т-24
currugation С, thickness 4 мм
Т-20, Т-22, Т-23, Т-24


 5 ply corrugated



Currugation, thickness

Brand cardboard


currugation BC, thickness 7 мм

P-31, P-32, P-33
currugation СE, thickness 5.8 мм
P-31, P-32, P-33


Production of corrugated cardboard boxes type is possible in 3 simple :  


Color cardboard Notу

 Color white 



Color brown



 Color grey

but this limit can be multiplied due to color flexographic printing all over or separate portions.

 Below are the most widespread methional colors:
Color Note

flexographic printing print run as pantone reinforced by prevetiv, the box can be print up to 3 colors.


Uses 3 ply corrugated branded T-20 - T-24

- Manufacture of cardboard boxes and packaging components do not require static load.


Use of 5 ply corrugated brand P-31 - P-32

- Manufacture of boxes for transporting products that require resistance to overlap and storage palituri, manufacturing heavy or outsize boxes.